Responsible. Sustainable.

Our industry is advancing environmental sustainability at each stage of a traveler’s journey– and pursuing bold commitments to ensure a clean, sustainable future of travel.

Travel's Sustainability Imperative


of travelers want sustainable travel options


of travelers seek environmentally friendly transportation and lodging when traveling


of executives want to increase sustainable corporate travel choices — even if it costs more

A Whole-of-Industry Approach

Meeting travel’s sustainability imperative requires the collective, comprehensive efforts of each part of our industry.

Achieving End-to-End Sustainability

Across every sector the travel industry is investing in new initiatives and transforming business practices, not just because our business depends on it – but because it is the right thing to do.

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Helping travelers make informed decisions

  • Explaining sustainable travel options
  • Third-party verification & metrics
  • Educating travelers on sustainable tourism

Reducing carbon emissions

  • Setting bold emissions goals
  • Investing in renewable energy technologies & SAF
  • Electrifying vehicle fleets & investing in EV charging infrastructure

Conserving resources & reducing waste

  • Reducing single-use plastic and food waste
  • Diverting waste from landfills
  • Implementing water & energy conservation measures

Protecting natural attractions & promoting regeneration

  • Preserving habitats & natural attractions
  • Partnering with environmental organizations
  • Funding sustainability research

Sourcing responsibly

  • Holding suppliers to rigorous standards
  • Offering sustainably sourced food options
  • Supporting suppliers as they adopt more sustainable practices

Travel industry is making bold strides for a more sustainable future while preserving the beauty of our planet for future generations.